Bearss Lemon


Tree Size (as shipped): 26 – 30 inches

Mature Tree Size (Approx. 10 yrs): 12 – 15 feet (very vigorous)
Harvest: July – December
Seeds Per Fruit: 1-6
Grafting: Grafted – Standard Rootstock

The Bearss Lemon is a true lemon tree with very juicy, acidic fruit and high lemon oil in its peel. The trees are vigorous, thorny and very sensitive to cold! Bearss Lemons outproduce both Eureka and Lisbon in Florida.  This cultivar was selected in the Bearss grove near Lutz, Florida in 1952. The parent tree is said to have been planted in 1892. They are believed to originate in Italy.

USDA regulations do not allow shipping to AZ, CA, LA, HI or TX

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