Duncan Grapefruit

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Tree Size (as shipped): 26 – 30 inches
Mature Tree Size (Approx. 10 yrs): 12 – 14 feet
Harvest: December – May
Seeds Per Fruit: 30 – 70
Grafting: Grafted – Standard Rootstock

One of oldest varieties; pale yellow flesh; Fairly cold hardy

USDA regulations do not allow shipping to AZ, CA, LA, HI or TX

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    I’m very glad to have this great grapefruit again; I really missed it since I moved from the house I grew up in in Tampa. Lived there for years and the tree never froze plus the fruit got slowly sweeter the longer it hung on the tree. Wonderful grapefruit taste; so it has lotsa seeds, who cares? Its flavor more than makes up for the extra seeds. Thanks to Brite Leaf for making this cultivar available. I was glad to wait for it!

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