Mandarin UF 3-13-51


Tree Size (as shipped): 26 – 30 inches
Mature Tree Size (Approx. 10 yrs): 12 – 14 feet
Harvest:  Late November – Early December
Seeds Per Fruit: 0 – 6
Grafting: Grafted – Standard Rootstock

A new easy to peel mandarin hybrid from the UF breeding program that produces well-colored fruit. Showing potential for dooryard growers because of its great tolerance of Greening (HLB).

Cross between a SugarBelle mandarin hybrid and a Murcott.

Fruit can remain on tree until Late April in good conditions.

A patent fee of $3 is included in the price.

USDA regulations do not allow shipping to AZ, CA, LA, HI or TX

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