Meyer Lemon – Rooted Cutting/Bush

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Tree Size (as shipped): 12 – 15 inches; 5″ container
Mature Tree Size (Approx. 5-7 yrs): 6 – 8 feet
Harvest: Nov. – Mar.
Seeds Per Fruit: 2 – 10

Propagation: Rooted Cutting – Not Grafted

Small plant, perfect for indoor containers. This is the Improved Meyer Lemon. Lower acid than true lemons; lemon hybrid; Most cold hardy lemon

USDA regulations do not allow shipping to AZ, CA, LA, HI or TX

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    Decided to buy a rooted cutting and grow it in a pot since it will need to be brought in from the cold anyway. Was surprised that it bloomed in July, within three weeks after it was unpacked.

    A month later it finally got put into a 3 gallon pot and set out in the yard. Another month later it has grown and branched producing a bunch more leaves & is in bloom again.

    Looks like it might actually set a few fruit, even though it’s in a fairly small pot.


    February 25 [UPDATE]
    I wrote back in July that shortly after receipt of this Meyer Lemon that it had burst into bloom. At that time it set about a dozen fruit but only held onto two or three of them.
    But in mid-February this little tree burst into bloom again and now has a bunch of tiny fruit showing on it. Since this lemon is still quite small it prolly won’t be able to hold them all, but with the vigor this little lemon has so far displayed I suspect that it may be time now to move it up into a larger pot so it can support more fruit.
    Can’t wait to taste one of those lemons that was set back in July/August and which by now looks to be about 1/3 mature.
    Can’t recommend this lemon variety highly enough for its remarkable vigor. I’m sure that these lemons, if picked and used immediately, will far outshine the flavor of ‘fresh’ lemons bought at the grocery store. (That’s what I found to be the case with the vibrant flavor of Persian Limes that I picked from the tree in my yard compared to Publix’s ‘fresh’ limes.)

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